June 13, 2024

Congratulations to our graduating beginners

A massive congratulations to our first graduating beginners at Southside Archery! We hope you have enjoyed learning the basics with us and look forward to you joining our regular members on club nights.

The first beginners course is a massive milestone for Southside Archery as it is something we have struggled to organise due to being unable to secure another timeslot in our venue. We made it work by splitting our hall in two – its not the biggest hall but it did work well. We would also like to thank our regular members for being so supportive of the beginners course, especially since it meant you guys had less space than usual.

Being non-affiliated, Southside Archery isn’t bound by the rules of Archery GB or Scottish Archery and so do not have to provide a certain beginners programme. We only have to ensure everyone that is going to be shooting with us has had enough basic instruction to be aware of the safety procedures. On that note we decided to provide a three week condensed course (some affiliated clubs do this too) covering a little more than the basics meaning our new members can now join in and learn from everyone. All our members are really keen to help any new member joining the club, with some of them planning to take up their instructors qualification in the near future and of course our coach and/or instructor are always on hand.

If you are around the southside of Glasgow and fancy taking up archery, get in touch with us to see about our beginners course. The course will remain a three week condensed course on Wednesday evenings for the moment, although we are still trying to work out an alternative timeslot.

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