June 12, 2024

Southside Archery is back for 2023

After a massive struggle to find an indoor venue for winter we finally got the keys to our new hall just before Christmas. Our previous indoor venue, The Geoff Shaw Centre never opened back up after covid unfortunately, however this may have worked out in the club’s favour in the long run as our new hall has facilities like a kitchen the Geoff Shaw does not have meaning that when we have our open day’s in the future we will be able to provide refreshments.

Our new venue is Cornerstone Community Hall, Glenmore Avenue, G42 0EH. If you can’t find it on maps it is next door to Toryglen Medical Centre.

I would personally like to thank all the members who helped us move the equipment, especially because it was mostly all loaded into vans/cars before we even got there!

The only downside is that the only night we were able to secure was a Monday night which unfortunately doesn’t suit everyone but we will keep an eye out for any openings on other nights in case we are able to swap.

There are some Saturdays free on the calendar at the venue so we hope to be able to run an open day soon since we never had the opportunity to do our usual Christmas one this year.

Beginners courses are restarting next week, we are however having to do these in much smaller groups due to us having less space in the hall than we do when we are outdoors. If you are looking to join us and do a beginners course please get in touch by filling in the form below.

The only other update really is that there is no update on when we will be able to take under 18s, we filled out all the paperwork in September to join Volunteer Scotland which would let us get updated PVGs for our coach/instructors (as it happens all of our coach/instructors already have PVGs but the club needs to do an update on these). This process is meant to take 6 weeks however upon chasing them up it appears that they have now moved to a different system some time between us filling in the forms and now and for whatever reason haven’t progressed our application nor contacted us to fill in the new version of the forms. Basically this means we need to start the whole process with them again, however we should have all the documents they need all ready to go from our initial application which will hopefully make it a little quicker.

Our insurance won’t insure us for under 18s until we have the updated PVGs even though everyone who needs one does already have one as these have not been done through the club. I promise I am doing what I can to get this sorted ASAP and of course I will put out updates as and when I have them.

That’s all the updates I have for now. If you are interested in joining us please fill in the form below and I will get back to you with more details.


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