May 25, 2024

Halloween Shoot

We like to have fun here at Southside Archery and we also love an excuse for a party and Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party!

Our members all looked amazing, I am just sorry there aren’t more photos (I was too busy tucking into the nachos). We played archery quidditch which was lots of fun once Leigh figured out the rules (and not at all suspicious that he was also on the winning team) we had Hazmat Harry (do any of our members have a photo of him?) who was made by two of our amazingly creative members and we had way too much food (although guess who still lost at weight watchers this week?).

This is what makes our club so special, we really are all about having fun with the sport and we all pull together to make things happen. How far we have come since officially opening our doors in May is incredible, we have several new members, most of whom have come through our own beginners course and we are getting enquiries from all the way up in the highlands from people wanting to shoot with us when they are in town!

With any luck we will get one more beginners course in before Christmas and of course there will be a Christmas shoot too!

On a personal note, I am all settled into my new job now and should have more time to devote to maintaining the site and updating the blog. I still plan to do an interview series with some of our members so guys please do get in touch if you fancy giving me an interview and I will organise this.

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