July 21, 2024

New Beginners Courses

Now that we are finally back up and running in our winter venue we are looking to start our beginner courses back up. At the moment due to the size of the hall these will need to be done in small groups but we will try and run them as often as possible.

The course will still be 3 weeks long and you must attend all weeks – last year we had multiple people miss week 1 and turn up on week 2 expecting to join the class, unfortunately this is not possible as all the vital safety procedures are covered on week 1 so please if you find yourself unable to attend your booked dates let me know and I can swap you onto another course. When we were at our outdoor venue we could manage 2 groups of beginners on different weeks due to having a huge amount of space but this is absolutely not possible in our indoor venue.

We will also not be refunding anyone who just does not show up as this has happened a few times too and people have then expected a refund. If we hold a place for you that is a place that someone else could not get, if you cancel ahead of time that is no problem as we can refund you and give your place to someone else but refunds will no longer be given after the first session has passed. It is especially important now that we need to run in such small groups that we are using all the spots we do have for people who are able to attend as we expect to have an even longer waiting list than usual because of the smaller class sizes.

I will be adding some terms and conditions like the above to the booking process, either in the new members pack or in a separate document when I have time, partly for the above reasons and partly to make complying with GDPR easier as we can include our data handling policy with these.

At the moment we are no further forward with Volunteer Scotland as we have been unable to reach them by phone to find out why our documents were not processed and fill in their new forms (although I say forms you do it via a phone call with them then they send them to be signed). This means we are still unable to change our insurance to allow us to take anyone under the age of 18. I have been doing my best to chase this up but I do work full time so my time within working hours is quite limited and it seems that Volunteer Scotland are not easy people to reach by phone.

If you would like more information or to put your name on the list for a course please complete the form below or email southsidearchery@gmail.com and I will add you to our list. Provisionally the next course would start on the 6th of March however this depends on numbers.


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