May 25, 2024

Changes for 2020

Happy new year from all of us at Southside Archery!

Things have been quiet on the website recently but we have been very busy working behind the scenes. We have been working on some exciting changes over the last few months and things are starting to come together.

In December we held an Extraordinary General Meeting and appointed several new members to our committee. Many hands make light work as they say and this will help us run the club more efficiently and spread the workload more evenly which will let us get more things done.

The biggest problem facing the club at the moment is our venue; it is pretty small and there is no other timeslots free for us to have our beginners courses on a different night which has led to us having to squeeze beginners in with our regular members on the same night. Now this has worked out ok for us so far but the club is now so big that we just can’t do this from a safety point of view any more.

The good news is we have two potential new venues lined up that are not terribly far away from our current hall. They are similar in price too which is great. What is even better is they both have quite a lot of availability and one of them is actually three separate halls we can use! We are still waiting to hear back from them if they are happy to have us, but I am confident they will.

The best news is we have been able to put our fees down! This was always an important goal for those of us who formed the club, we all felt strongly that price should not be a barrier to taking up the sport but initially we obviously had to cover our expenses before anything else. Now that we have enough members to cover our expenses with a little surplus, we have been able to reduce our weekly fee to just £5 making our club even more affordable.

The obvious downside is we just can’t run any more beginners courses until we move to our new venue and we have a waiting list for the course. We really have tried to think of all the options to make this work but until we move to our new venue it just wouldn’t be safe to do so. I am hoping to have an update on the venue sometime in the coming week so if you have sent us a message about a beginners course I haven’t forgotten about you I promise and I will get back to you as soon as I have an update.

In the mean time if you have any questions please feel free to message us by filling in the form below or email

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